The Family Caregiver Newsmagazine Launched

Caregiver Omnimedia Launches new publication for Family Caregivers.

King City – October 1, 2004

Caregiver Omnimedia launched The Family Caregiver Newsmagazine today in the National Post.  500,000 Canadians will receive information on the issues that confront Family Caregivers right across the country.

The Family Caregiver News Magazine (TFCN) is a “How To” publication and is first national publication to address concerns of how to help family members and loved ones who require some assistance while making sure that they themselves too do not suffer from stress, fatigue and burn out.  Caring for someone can be done more easily if you have the advice of professionals and those with a shared experience to share their tips and hints.  It is also meant to inspire Family Caregivers and let them know that they are not alone.

Caregiver Omnimedia would like to thank the National Post and all of our sponsors / partners / advertisers for helping to make this dream a reality and for supporting all Canadians with this information.