Custom Publications


Caregiver Omnimedia knows that your message needs to reach your customer at the right time and within the right environment.


We create custom marketing projects (publications and other media) that provide your clients with more than a catchy jingle or vibrant graffics.  We seek to emerse them in professionally produced content to give them a good grounding in the subject matter which enhances your credibility and the likelihood that someone will choose your product over another.


Either as a standalone product, or as part of a Content Marketing Program, Caregiver Omnimedia has the ability to quickly produce print or digital products that act as your voice to your community. 


Some of the publications that we have produced for other clients include GOING HOME (A Guide to Transition People from Hospital to Home) - produced for the Toronto CCAC, South East CCAC and working with our Family Caregiving clients.  The Family Caregiver Newsmagazine - our first publication to provide family caregivers with the information that they need, and our clients an environment that speaks to their products and services and our Home Modification Guide.



Our clients are diverse and have different needs.  Caregiver Omnimedia is able to put talent to task for all media (hence Omnimedia).


The Direct Funding Program in Ontario allows individuals with physical disabilites to hire their own care attendants to give them flexibility and control over their care.  When the programming received additional funding, Caregiver Omnimedia was able to work with the Centre for Independent Living to provide consultation, production services, media buying and post campaign analytics.

Websites / Social Media


The world is online!  More than ever, people are looking at websites as your brand in the world.  If your website is not attracting customers, informing them, and giving them the opportunity to buy product from you, then your customers are going elsewhere.


Social Media can work to greatly enhance the work of your website.  The more that other people value the work that you do, the better your reputation will be, the more you will be referenced, the higher your company will rise up in listings and the more customers will come to you first.

On average people only visit 3 sites to find the service they want.  They look at reputation and reviews to make a decision and then make the call.  If your company isn't one of these companies, you are missing out.


If you are interested in a free digital health check on your business, click below.  It will give you the information that you need to get started.