Director, Foundations UK

Foundations is the national body for home improvement agency (HIA) and handyperson services in England. HIAs are local organizations dedicated to helping older people, people with disabilities, and vulnerable people to live in safety and with dignity in their own homes. HIAs are focused on ensuring that existing housing is fit for purpose and those vulnerable people, predominantly homeowners, are able to continue living independently as long as possible. Their work contributes to the objectives of Communities and Local Government, the Department of Health and other government departments. There are currently around 200 HIAs in England providing services in approximately 83% of local authorities. Together HIAs deliver services for around 240,000 people every year. This includes housing advice and information, practical help such as handyperson services, and the co-ordination of adaptations, repairs and improvements including more latterly energy efficiency measures, many of which contribute to enabling the homes of vulnerable people to become appropriate environments for the delivery of care.


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