Passions: Fall Prevention, Entrepreneurship, Creativity, Manufacturing
Favourite Words: Potential, Possibility, Remarkable, Impact & Support


We should connect if you are concerned about making living spaces safer for those at risk of falls, (you should be, they are far more likely to take away life potential and enjoyment than heart disease, stroke and cancer combined - yes you read that correctly).


Life’s Work: Quite simply, preventing fall injuries for those at risk, in their living spaces, in remarkable ways, is my life’s work. It is the daily work and impact of our very dedicated team at HealthCraft Group, the company I founded over 25 years ago.


The fall prevention focus, (well... actually a bit of an obsession) rose out of frustration as a young man seeing my grandmother Rita not living anywhere near her best life due to unfortunate fall injuries she had sustained. And witnessing her ongoing fear of falls that stole away from her what should have been some of the best years of her life. This very formative experience, coupled with an extreme sense of curiosity and engineering training couldn’t be pent up: a company was formed. At this time, It was my good fortune to connect with one of the top occupational therapists, and home medical equipment suppliers in my hometown as co-founders to ensure a definite voice of client and caregiver.


Today, HealthCraft has grown into a purpose driven, values led international company, selling into over 25 countries, with design, admin & manufacturing headquarters in Ottawa, Canada, and warehouse locations in upstate New York, and Stockholm, Sweden.


Regarding Impact: My passion is exploring the wonderful intersection zone of potential and possibility applied to some of the great challenges of our world.


Local community: we believe in supporting at-risk local youth.


Global community; I believe in supporting the power of creativity and entrepreneurship. To this end, we are providing micro-loans to help small manufacturing enterprises in need in over 25 developing nations.


That’s me, that’s us; if you like what we are trying to accomplish and would like to help if you see synergies possible, Please let’s connect!

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