KUNO Architecture Architect, AIBC, RHFAC, LEED AP, BFA


Jane believes that everyone has the right to be able to use and enjoy all aspects of the built environment. As the founder and principal of Kuno Architecture Inc., she specializes in accessible, inclusive and universal design. The project Jane is most proud of is the accessible triplex that she designed for her cousin — it was also the formative experience that compelled her to focus on accessible design. Seeing first-hand the day-to-day challenges faced by her cousin led to a rigorous research process about how to design and build to eliminate barriers and use materials and fixtures that create access without the look and feel being institutional. Jane’s projects include everything from large scale developments to individual living spaces. She has helped improve access in commercial spaces like office towers and transportation hubs as well as university and college campuses. Jane’s eye for combining design and access has led her to be the go-to architect for single and multi-family residential clients who need access and wish to stay together.

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