PhD trained scientist turned construction professional.


Dr. Massimo Cimini is a PhD trained scientist turned construction professional. His extensive and varied background has afforded him the ability to work in every silo of the healthcare continuum from basic research, to clinical research, to clinic delivery and finally patient care coordination. He has worked in a variety of settings and roles from Director of Research at Ontario Hospitals, to Director of Biotechnology to Director of Strategy at a national healthcare company. With this experience, he has focused on his passion for Accessibility of the Built Environment and Aging in Place solutions over the past 8 years and has been involved in many notable projects and clients. Currently, he owns and operates bp health Accessibility and The Built Access Network Inc. where he services commercial and residential clients to meet and exceed their accessibility and clinic construction needs. He is also an instructor at the University of Toronto where he delivers Accessibility and Long Term Care Home Construction courses.

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